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On October 15-62 faith building women gathered together at Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It was a joyful and inspiring day filled with learning, reflection and fellowship.

The symposium concluded in the sanctuary with a meditation

and these prayers offered by our women:

Dear God, please grant Your children to act accordingly in Your honor, for peace to be in all hearts and minds so that this precious earth can alas be in harmony. Amen.

I pray that all of Your children can live by Your two Greatest Commandments, which

will make theworld a much better and safer place in which to live.

Thank you, God for taking care of this. I pray for peace in the hearts of those with

troubles and anxieties.

Thank You, dear God for everything we have. Please bless everyone, stay with us.

Please God, with all Your grace, watch over my children and love them even

when their hearts maynot be open because only in Your love will they

thrive and learn to love You.

Dear God, point me in the right direction – I need Your love and guidance.

All powerful Lord, send Your guiding light to my children and grandchildren.

May you find blessings in simple moments.

I pray for the health of [my loved ones]

Holy Father, release me from my worries. I trust in You.

I pray for my nephew…that he feels God’s presence every step of the way through his cancer

journey and embraces the power of His love during [and] through his recovery. Amen

I pray for patience and compassion towards those who are challenging to be with.

Prayer for healing: For…my cousin’s niece to be healed of her disease that is making her disabled.

Wounded deeply and hurt by a person who I thought was my friend.

Israelites receive their Messiah soon; healing within people; trust and truth in the Lord with all our

hearts; lean not to our own understanding – my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. 

Lord, help me to be the person I should be.

I pray for the health and safety of my family.

Help me trust in You wherever I go.

Peace: God, please guide over our Country of Armenia. Let them live in peace. In the name of the

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.

Let us pray for wisdom and guidance of the women in the Armenian Church, to equip us with the

tools to build a strong balance at home and within our Church community.

Dear Lord, please help me to have the courage to try all the little things. Amen.

Pray for peace in the world.

I am praying for the people who are struggling to save their marriage.

Lord, please give me a spirit of humility and patience.

I pray to be able to forgive the people that have hurt and been unjust to me.

Pray that the Lord would help me prioritize Him and what He has planned for me to do.

May there be peace, harmony, and love in the world!

Praying for more women leaders in the Armenian Church.

I pray for peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation for me and the people I love.

Prayers for peace in Artsakh. Lord, hear our prayer.

I pray that more Armenians return to the church and that we grow stronger in our faith and identity

together all around the world.

I pray for continued health, happiness for friends, family, and peace in the world.

Trust God that I will be used for His glory without pushing myself.

God, give peace to the world. Heal those who are sick physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Bless this group of women.

Dear Lord, I ask that you comfort those whose hearts are heavy and bless and protect our military

and our homeland.

Praying for all the sick people and children suffering.

Dear Lord, please help our beloved baby….so that he makes the milestones he missed.

I pray that God helps each woman here to fulfill her potential to serve God, with

whatever talents she has been given.

Show us how to allow Your light to shine through us so that others can see You.

Please pray for my brother’s health and family relationship, particularly with his son.

Lord, I pray that You remain close with my family and the families of all of today’s participants.

I pray that we can have peace in this world.

Lord, please look over and protect the folks in Artsakh and for family members we’ve lost recently.

Lord, please give me strength and show me the way to re-prioritize my time to honor You.

Please pray for children who are hungry.

Bless us O Lord. Be with us as we walk into uncertainty. Life the fog and let us see!

A prayer for the future of the Armenian Church in America, especially the youth,

who are our future.

May Faith Building Women ignite one another in love and prayer.

2022 Faith Building Women Symposium

Սաղմոս 112:2 Եղիցի անուն Տեառն օրհնեալ, յայսմ հետէ մինչեւ յաւիտեան: 

Psalm 112:2 Let the Lord’s name be blessed from now until forever.

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